Map of Important Locations

#Location DescriptionMap symbol
1LIIVI 2, TARTU  The School red circle 
2TURU 2, TARTU  Buss station green circle 
3VAKSALI 6, TARTU  Train Station green circle 
4KREUTZWALDI 15, TARTU  Carolina guesthouse yellow circle 
5KUPERJANOVI 66, TARTU  Traveler's guesthouse yellow circle 
6PEPLERI 14, TARTU  Pepleri dorms yellow circle 
7PURDE 27, TARTU  Purde dorms yellow circle 

The interactive version of this map is at this site.

The Carolina guesthouse can be seen on this extended map.
The Purde Dorms are on this one.

NB! This map is a bit imprecise, you may look up the addresses on this newer map at the Tartu homepage. The location of the buss station has slightly moved (although the address is the same). We also have a very nice annotated local copy of the detailed map. (And yes, it was painfully glued together by an advanced functional program, derived from "concat .  map" by category theoretical computations.)

Last update 16 April 2004