We have made a number of block reservations at the University hostel and a couple of guest houses. Please indicate on the registration form, whether you will arrange your accommodation yourself (e.g. with you favourite travel agent) or if you want us to place you somewhere. In that case, please indicate, if you would like to share your room with a fellow functional programmer, and if you have any preference as to who that fellow should be.

We can offer the following accommodations:

  The Carolina Guesthouse The Carolina Guesthouse
A very nice guesthouse with showers, sat-TV and wireless internet in all rooms! It's a bit far away (1.75 km from the city centre), but every morning they have promised to have a bus take you right to the school (free of charge). Breakfast is also included in the price. We have booked the whole place, so if we can fill it up, you also have a Sauna and the possibilities to have barbeques in the garden with other (advanced) functional programmers.

The Prices (per night and per person)
Single room: 400 EEK (25.60)
Double room: 330 EEK (21.10)


  Traveller's Guesthouse The Traveller's Guesthouse
This is located quite near the school (5 min walk). This is not a fancy place, but there are only a few rooms and we have booked all of them. Again, if we can fill all the rooms, we'll have a purely functional accommodation structure, which would be really... fun. However, breakfast is NOT included. There are 4 double rooms with showers and the other rooms have to share the facilities in the corridor.

The prices
Single room: 300 EEK (19.20)
Double room: 200 EEK (12.80)
Double with shower: 250 EEK (16.00)


  Purde Dormetory The student dormitory at 27 Purde Street
It's cheap and the rooms are quite nice. The only problem is that it's about 3.5 km from the school and not exactly in Tartu's most scenic neighbourhood. Fortunately, there's a buss stop nearby. Buss prices are half a Euro and you can take a taxi to the school for less than 3. We have three double-rooms with showers, but the rest of the rooms are arranged in a box system or apartment system, where a few rooms share the same shower-room and WC. We have booked entire boxes, so you will only share with our own people. The rooms in the apartment are typical doubles or triples. Breakfast is not included.

The Prices
Double with shower: 200 EEK (12.80)
Room in box: 150 EEK (9.60)


Other accommodations

If you should need more fancy accommodation, the Tartu Tourist Information Centre has an up-to-date list of possible accommodations in Tartu. Many hotels have booking forms on the web. Please contact us, if you need any help booking your hotel. You can use the map of Tartu to see how far the hotel is from the site of the Summer School (Liivi 2), but don't worry too much -- Tartu is a very small city (you can walk from one edge of Tartu to the other in less than an hour). The following hotels are all near the centre of the city:

Last update 25 March 2004